Help To Unlock A Locked Computer System

My computer is locked, what should I do? This is a frequently asked question by many computer users around the world. I think it’s a bad idea to spend lots of your earned money by giving it to some technicians to unlock your system, since the computer repair technique is quite easy and can be performed in a short time.
For unlocking a locked computer, you need to access the Administrator account from Safe Mode. By following the below instructions, you can easily unlock a locked system without the assist of a Password Reset Disk.
Firstly, turn on your computer.
While your system starting up, press and hold the F8 key on your keyboard to launch the boot up menu.
Now click the Safe mode with networking option in the boot up menu to get into the safe mode.
Then you can select the Administrator account.
Now tag along the windows start button to launch the start menu.
Enter control userpasswords2 in the dialogue box that displays followed by pressing the enter switch on your keyboard.
Now remove the tick mark in the Users must enter a username and password box. Now restart your computer to check whether this has resolved your problem or not. If not, continue the computer repair process by following the below instruction.
Click windows start button and from the pop-up menu thus appeared, select the control panel option.
If the control panel window is in classic view, you have to change it into classic view. For this select the option switch to category view seen on the left pane of the control panel window.
Now select the User accounts option and then click manage another account option.
Locate the account that you wish to restore the password followed by hitting the option tab to edit it.
Now select the option called remove the password. Now you have successfully unlocked your system.
After completing the entire procedure, it’s wise to restart your system. This will help you to bring about the changes that you have made in the system settings.
Password Reset Disk
You can also avail the service of a Password reset disk for unlocking a locked system.  Normally a password reset disk is a flash drive that configured with the computer. But the thing is that, users often fail to create a password reset disk.

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