Use Your Wellograph Fitness Watch With Windows 8.1 OS

Fitness and nutrition apps are all the rage these days, and this is indeed a good thing considering the obesity levels in this country. With the right tools, such apps can be used to track vital health statistics, which will give good feedback on how well you are doing. And, you can tweak your exercise regimen accordingly. You find many such fitness apps at the Windows Store online, and even find mention on the Windows Live support site.

About the Wellograph Fitness watch

Some of the fitness apps are only as useful as one of those exercise instructional DVDs. You will get a list of exercise routines with detailed steps and a well-planned exercise regimen, to give you the best results. What you need to do is to throw in a good fitness band – the kind that tracks your heart beat, amount of burned calories, the total distance you ran, etc.

The Wellograph fitness watch is one of the leading products in this category. Of course, some might say forget the fancy gadgets, just focus on the diet and exercise. However, seeing such changes in the fitness statistics can be very encouraging.

For example, after a tiring hour of some boring workout, you will realise that you have burned a good amount of calories doing the very thing you normally hate. That will spur you on. Most people are like that. They need to see instant results; otherwise they lose interest.

The Wellograph fitness watch is an ideal tool for this purpose. This specially designed fitness gadget will keep track of your heart rate, exercise activity, displays date and time, has a very good pedometer, etc. It comes with an app that facilitates the transfer of this data on to your computer.

Recently, Wellograph introduced Windows 8.1 support for their fitness watch. This means that you can now install the Wellograph fitness app in Windows 8.1 and connect the device to your system. The app will access the data in the device and display it on the screen. Also, the fitness watch comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which makes the whole process of synchronising the data in the device and the app quite easy.

Also, the Wellograph watch looks very elegant. You can wear it to your office, since it also displays the date and time. For more information about the other Windows 8.1 fitness apps, visit the Windows Live support website online.
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