Customize The Email Options In Outlook

You might be familiar with Microsoft Outlook, as it is one of the most popular email clients in the world. It has a number of useful features that have made it a favorite among users as an emailing application. It is designed to manage your emails, calendar, contacts and a number of other important details. Another important feature is that you can customize your Outlook according to your needs. In order to customize your Outlook, you might need to change the Outlook email setup. You can try the following instructions to customize your Outlook Mail.

Steps to Follow
Click Start and open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
Then, select Tools from Outlook menu to open the a menu that deals with settings that have a direct bearing on the email application.
From the Tools menu, click on Options. This opens a window with a number of tabs.
Select the Preferences tab from this window and now you can see the different sections of the Outlook which includes Email, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts.
In the Email section, you can see Junk Email and Email Options.
To change how your emails are filtered, select the Junk Email.  You can select different levels of protection that ranges from No Protection to Allow Safe List Only. It is possible for you to add or remove addresses and to block specific senders while you are using the Junk Email.
Now you can go back to the previous menu and select Email Option.
In this menu you have options to manage the way in which Outlook processes your message. From this menu you can choose to have notification messages displayed on the screen when a new mail arrives. You can also set the Outlook so that it automatically saves the unsent messages.
If you want to have some additional choices, click on the Advanced Email Options. This opens another menu and here you can find the options to select the location to save the unsent messages, the time interval of Autosave and the notification sound for the messages etc.
In order to change how your messages are tracked, select the Tracking Options. You can add read receipt and delivery receipt for all the messages that are sent and delivered through your mail.
The above instructions would definitiely help you to change your Outlook email setup. If you have any doubts regarding these settings, contact the Outlook support team.

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