How to Upgrade From Windows XP to Windows Vista

When some people here upgrade software, they think they are in trouble. Some people consider upgrading as the worst-case scenario for a computer user. But guys, upgrade of an operating system doesn’t consist of formatting, reinstallation or any nightmare you think about. The best think about upgradation is that you do not lose any files in your PC. Upgradation is the process in which the system files are replaced by the new operating system files, without doing any change to user files.
When Microsoft released Windows Vista, they gave the Windows XP users with the option of upgrade to Vista.  If you wish to install Windows Vista on a computer with the Windows XP operating system, you can upgrade instead of installing over your XP. Upgrading option to the new OS will save your files, compatible programs and almost all the information you have in your PC. However, a clean installation erases everything on your primary drive and compels you to start from scratch instead of a head start. Upgrade is only possible for users who are provided with the Windows Vista upgraded disc. You can navigate to official Microsoft Help Website for details regarding upgradation from Windows XP to Windows Vista.

1. Click on Start button on the Taskbar and click on My Computer. Select System Properties from the left pane of the window. In the General Tab, check the version of your Windows XP. If its Windows XP home, you can upgrade to any Vista version of the same architecture (32-bit or 64-bit). If your OS is Windows XP Professional, you can upgrade to either Vista Business or Ultimate. Microsoft Help websites provide details and lists of Windows Vista upgrades available for different versions of Windows XP.
2. Put the Windows Vista upgrade DVD in the drive and load it. The Windows Vista installer will run automatically.
3. Click the blue arrow button aligned to the Install now text. Follow the rest of steps in the installation wizard to the step where you are asked to choose type of installation. You should choose the upgrade option. You are asked with the option to activate Windows. You must activate Windows Vista for genuine usage. If you do not activate your Windows Vista, you will be using a trial version of Vista. However, you can activate Windows Vista later also.
4. System will restart during the process and the process will complete after some time.
That will do the trick.

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