New Reduced Prices Announced For Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft’s foray in to the cloud services has been successful so far. However, in the last few months, we have seen so many new entrants in the cloud service market. This has led to fierce competition and a reduction in the prices, benefitting the customers.

About Microsoft Azure cloud services

Microsoft first introduced the cloud computing platform back in 2010. This was later re-launched as Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure provides excellent IT infrastructure, cloud computing platform as well as the Microsoft support services for its customers.

This involves support for developing cloud support applications for the platform. The Platform as a Service support facilities this. It also provides virtual machines support for smooth migration of application using the same coding. This supports both the Linux and Microsoft Server virtual machines.

The Microsoft Azure also supports data management functions using the SQL Database. It also provides support for media services with content streaming and data protection functions. Considering all this, Microsoft Azure is indeed one of the best Cloud services available.

Amazon’s pricing strategy is forcing Microsoft to slash Azure prices

To compete effectively with the other cloud service providers, Amazon is following a pricing strategy that would make them the cheapest cloud service in many categories. This has now forced the others including Microsoft to slash down their prices considerably.

Recently, Microsoft announced that they are reducing the prices for the different Azure Cloud services. This would take them almost to the same level as the Amazon’s prices. Also, they would soon introduce a pricing strategy that is more region-specific.

Though the some of the newly announced in certain categories of cloud services are not as low as that of Amazon, Microsoft Azure has a slight advantage over the Amazon Cloud services because of the excellent Microsoft support services they provide. Also, they would soon release many more cloud service packages at affordable rates trying to outcompete Amazon.

Many tech forums have since compared the cloud services provided by these two tech giants – the pricing, the services provided and so on. Considering the fact that Microsoft has efficiently linked their operating systems and MS Office applications with their Cloud platform, Microsoft Azure got a better rating than the Amazon cloud services.

If this competition between these two tech giants goes on like this, we might see more reduction in the cloud services in the next few months.
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