Deleting The Outlook Settings For Citrix

Citrix is an American multinational software company. They provide server application and desktop virtualization services to their users. They release the Xen open source products for use by their clients. They distribute a remote computing application. This application enables the employees to connect securely to an enterprise network via the Internet connection. The XenApp client from Citrix allows the users of the app to launch Windows applications like Microsoft Outlook from any remote location. However, the Citrix XenApp client will sometimes load the wrong Outlook profile from the enterprise email server. If this issue occurs, the user will have to delete the Outlook setting from the Citrix preferences so that the client will be able to load the correct Outlook profile.

Deleting the local Outlook profile while connected via the Citrix program prompts the server to rebuild the Outlook profile, thereby correcting the error. The steps to delete the Outlook setting for the Citrix program are explained below in this article. You can follow these steps carefully to delete the Outlook settings for Citrix client without encountering any Outlook or Windows errors.

  • Turn on your PC and wait for the computer to load completely. After it loads successfully, open the Citrix XenApp program.
  • Log into the Citrix XenApp program with the correct username and password. This will open the Windows desktop.
  • Now you can click on the Windows Start orb and then select Control Panel from the Start menu options.
  • In the Control Panel menu, select User Accounts.
  • As the next step, click on the Mail option to open the Outlook Settings menu.
  • Select the Show Profiles option that is located at the bottom of the Outlook Settings menu. 
  • You can now select the profile that needs to be deleted.
  • Select the Remove button to delete the Outlook profile together with the erroneous settings.
These are the simple and easy to follow steps to delete the Outlook Settings for the Citrix client. If you have any doubts or confusions in any of the steps that are discussed above, you can always seek help from our technical support team. They will help you to finish the steps successfully without encountering any Outlook or Windows errors. You can also refer to the Outlook help modules that are posted in the official website of Microsoft to know more on these steps.
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