How can you prevent Windows live messenger from starting automatically

Windows live messenger will help to bring various users across the globe to a single hub where they can chat and share their feelings irrespective of where they are. This program from Microsoft did earn a lot of appreciation from all the Microsoft users. This application from Microsoft will allow users to share what’s there on their mind, play games and notify about the emails received. Microsoft allows you to modify settings as per your requirement. You can configure Windows live in such a way that it won’t connect automatically to the internet. There is a group of users that don’t prefer getting their Windows live connected to the internet at the startup of the Windows installed computer. Tag along the following set of pointers from Windows live help center to disengage your Windows live messenger from starting up automatically.

Follow these leads to set your way…
Get your Windows machine ready by switching on the power button on your CPU and open your internet browser to get connected to the MSN official website and sign into your account using your existing credentials like “Username” and “Password” into the respective entry boxes in your window.
Now go for the "ALT" key which can be found on the bottom row of your keyboard.  After hitting that key look for a tab with the label "Options" enabled on it, once you click on the "Tools" tab to open a new window.
Now stab on the "Sign In" tab that can be found from that list that appears on the current window.
Remove the check mark from the box that lies adjacent to the tab with name "Automatically run Windows Live Messenger when I log on to Windows" which will put a stop to the automatic startup of the program when the system boots up into the Windows. But if you need your Windows live program to start up automatically then leave the tick mark as it is.
Set off the tick mark from the box with the label "Allow automatic sign in when connected to the Internet" to avoid your Windows live messenger from booting up automatically at the Windows startup.
Hit on the "OK" tab to keep the new settings on your Windows live messenger.
Get in touch with the Windows live help center for further support.

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