Steps For Running Windows 8 Consumer Preview On Workstation 8

Have you tried out the all-new Window 8 operating system from Microsoft? At least the consumer preview version? Well, this article will help you with installing this version on your system using system virtualization tools like the VMware tool. Read on to know more.

Windows 8 installation: Consumer Preview

Follow the steps mentioned below to install the Windows 8 consumer preview.

  • Switch your desktop or laptop and insert the Windows 8 disk into the disk tray. 
  • Select the Custom option from the Type of Configuration window. 
  • Select the label that reads I will install the operating system later, on the windows 8 Install From screen. 
  • Click on the label Microsoft Windows, and set Windows 7 or Windows 7 x64 as the guest operating system. Make sure you select a windows 8 version that is compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 7 x64.
  • Wait for the wizard to complete the setup. After that’s done, navigate to VM settings and then mount the Windows 8 CP iso file in the virtual DVD drive. 
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the Windows 8 CP installation. 

Steps to install VMware Tools on Windows 8

VMware is software tool that offers cloud and virtualization services. Follow the below tips and guidelines to install VMware tools on your system.

  • Select the label Desktop from the home screen. Alternatively, get there by hovering the mouse over the top left corner of the home screen. 
  • From the Windows 8 workstation, select the VM menu and then click on the label that reads Install VMware Tools… This will mount the mount the virtual DVD drive in the Windows 8 CP ISO.
  • After you have successfully mounted, run the setup process following the onscreen instructions. Wait for the installation process to finish, once it has finished installing, click on the reboot option to when prompted. 

Dealing with “Windows cannot read the <ProductKey> setting from the unattend answer file”

You may run into the error Windows cannot read the <ProductKey> setting from the unattend answer file during your attempt to install Windows 8 CP using Windows 7. You can fix the above error easily by following the below mentioned steps. As soon as you see this error message, turn off VM ware. Navigate to the VM ware settings page, and select the Eject floppy disk option. Power on VM ware, and then proceed with the Windows 8 CP setup.

Follow the above Windows 8 installation steps (for the consumer preview version), to fix the problems during installation.

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