Recall A Message In Outlook

Have you accidentally sent a message to the wrong person? Have you ever sent a message and then wished to repeal it? Well these issues are common, and Outlook has a cool safety feature that helps you recall the mails that haven’t been read. Though this feature cannot guarantee results every time you send a message to the wrong person or compose an inappropriate message, it is still effective. You will get notified whether this message has been opened or not.

Instructions to prevent messages from being sent

  • Open the Outlook application and go to the All Mail Folders in the left most panel of the Outlook window. Click on the Outbox folder here.
  • Select the message you wish to stop by clicking on it, and pressing the Delete key on the keyboard. Click on OK to confirm your action to delete this message. If this message has been deleted successfully, it won’t be sent out to the intended recipient. In case the message had already been sent, don’t worry; there is still a chance to wipe it out.
  • Click on the folder Sent Items, also on the left panel of Outlook. Elect the message that you do not want the intended recipient to read.
  • Click on the Actions menu. In Outlook 2007 this option is labeled Other Actions. Select the Recall this message option.
  • Now you can chose to replace this message with another message, or have all its unread copies deleted from the account. Select the Tell me if recall succeeds or fails option for each recipient. Now click on OK.
  • Outlook will now recollect all the unread copies of the message. If you have written another message that you wish to replace with the original, then that message will be updated, while all traces of the first message will be eliminated. Outlook will also notify as to who among the recipients has already read the message.

If someone has already read a message that you sent, then unfortunately, there is no way to recall it. In the future, check whether the message is being queued up to be sent to the right person. In case the message itself was the problem, the only tip is to consider all consequences before sending out a mail.

If you have difficulty with your Outlook account then contact Outlook help desk to help you fix your issues. For simple issues you can check up on the Outlook help menu to help troubleshoot the problems. And their help desk offers excellent customer service for all your queries.
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