Frustrated about warnings in Internet Explorer?

Microsoft has been releasing various versions of Internet Explorer web browser since 2001. This application from Microsoft comes along with every operating system from the company and is its default browser. Internet Explorer is the world’s most used browser as it comes packaged with the world’s most used operating system. The new version of Internet Explorer that comes with the Windows 7 has enhanced security features. But the Internet Explorer is the victim of too many warning pop ups, this can create lot of irritation to a user while browsing through the internet world. Tag around the following set of pointers designed by the Windows 7 help center to eradicate these warning popup Windows in the Internet Explorer.
Go to the "Start" tab placed to the left hand corner of the taskbar.
From the start up menu that crops up, select the "All Programs" tab.
Launch the "Internet Explorer" by clicking on the Internet Explorer icon.
Tag along the "Alt" key to unleash the menu bar.
Hit on the "Tools" tab and pave way for the tab with the label "Internet Options".
Now choose the "Security" tab and follow through by clicking on the "Custom Level".
Roll down to the "Enable" tab that lies adjacent to the "Allow Previously Unused ActiveX Controls to Run Without Prompt".
Select the "Enable" which lies next to "Download Signed ActiveX Controls"
Then go for the "Disable" that lies adjacent to "Only Allow Approved Domains to Use ActiveX without Prompt".
Tag on the "Enable" that lies beside "Don't Prompt for Client Certificate Selection When Only One Certificate Exists".
Mark the "Enable" tab next to "Launching Applications and Unsafe Files."
Access the "Enable" tab that lies adjacent to "Launching Programs and Files in an IFRAME".
Tag on the "Enable" button that’s placed next to "Allow Programmatic Clipboard Access".
Hit the "OK" tab to load up the new settings.
Now go for the "Advanced" tab.
Remove the tick mark on the tab "Notify When Downloads Complete".
Remove the tick mark on the tab "Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages"
Remove the tick mark on the tab "Warn about Certificate Address Mismatch"
Remove the tick mark on the tab "Warn if POST Submittal Is redirected to a Zone That Does Not Permit Posts"
Hit the "OK" tab and reboot your PC as recommended by the Windows 7 help center.
These instructions should help you trouble shoot the various warnings and popup that you would encounter while using IE.

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