How To Use A Wacom Pen Tablet With Microsoft Office

The Wacom tablet in Microsoft Office is of great use. It allows the user to make notes on documents, essays or projects. Follow the steps outlined below to use a Wacom Pen tablet with Microsoft Office.

MS surface tech support instructions

Turn On the system. Log in to your admin account icon. Enter you admin account password to sign in.
Wait for the sign in process to complete. Open the Start menu. You may launch the Start menu by clicking the Windows orb placed on the bottom left corner of the home screen. Alternatively, you may launch the Start menu by pressing the Windows key. From the Start menu pop up, select the label that reads Control Panel.
The Control Panel allows the user to manipulate and adjust the basic settings of your computer. Change the Control Panel window from category to classic. To change the Control Panel from category to classic, click on the link labeled “Switch to classic view”.
From the Control Panel window, select the option labeled Programs and Features.
From the Programs and Features window, select the label that reads Turn Windows features on or off on the left-hand side of the window.
Hit the Continue option if the User Account Control dialogue box appears.
Now place a tick mark in the box next to the label that reads Tablet PC Optional Components. Hit the OK button to save the changes that you have made. This will enable the Tablet PC support. Hit the Restart option.
Make the CD/DVD tray eject. Place the Wacom tablet install CD into the optical drive. Place a check mark in the box next to the license agreement label. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software and your tablet's driver to your computer.
Connect the Wacom tablet using a USB cable. To do this, connect one end of the USB, preferably the smaller end and the other end to your computer’s USB port. Hit the Restart option to restart your computer and to make the changes take effect.
Launch the Start option by clicking the Start orb placed on the bottom left corner of the home screen. From the Start menu, select the label that reads All Programs. From the All Programs menu, select the label that reads Microsoft Office.
Now launch the writing or drawing tool. To do this, click on the review tab and then select the Start Inking option to launch the Drawing Tools menu.
Follow the instructions briefed above to troubleshoot Microsoft Office. For any further clarification, drop into our MS surface tech support centre.

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