Having Trouble Viewing Attachments In Outlook?

You can attach documents and files in your Outlook while sending mails. However, in Outlook, users may have trouble viewing Office 2007 documents. There are some causes for this issue, but you can troubleshoot them using the following instructions:


  • First, find out the version of Outlook you are using on your system. Outlook 2007 and all later versions are able to let you preview Office 2007 documents that come attached with messages. However, the same cannot be said for earlier versions of Outlook. The only way out is to save these attachments, and then re-open them using the associated Office 2007 version of the application.
  • It might be that your Outlook is actually blocking this attachment. If in case Outlook is blocking the attachment then you will see an error message on screen reading: Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments. This message will be situated at the top of that message or the Reading pane.
  • In reality outlook will not prevent the access to Office 2007 attachments. Nevertheless, the Exchange Server Administrator any person responsible for the email system can change the configuration of Outlook, which leads to the blocking of your attached documents. If this is so, then consult with these persons responsible immediately is this is the root cause of your issue. If so, request them to grant permission to view office 2007 attachments.
  • Also, request that the sender of the messages rename these Office 2007 attachments, to help with your process. Outlook blocks attachments based on the file extensions of those files- the part of the filename after that period. If the sender sends these Office 2007 documents to you using a filename with an extension that is not blocked by Outlook on your PC, you can easily receive these messages in your Outlook inbox. Now when you wish to open and view the attachments you must first save these files and then rename it with the appropriate file extension that you can view. Now open the file in its respective Office 2007 application.

If you are facing these issues, you might want to consider contacting Outlook tech support. Outlook tech support is a dedicated support team for all your Outlook problems and can resolve your issues easily. They provide systematic technical assistance to remove these issues for good. You can also opt to upgrade your MS Outlook to one of its newer versions, which do not have these issues, and have many other features for your ease of use.
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