How To Get A Key Code For Windows XP

Windows XP software was first made available to the users in the year 2001. Windows XP is still being used by many and is one of the most popular operating systems ever released by Microsoft.
When you purchase a copy of the Windows operating system, you get a license key to activate the software product. Windows XP license key will get automatically entered during the process of installation if you are using genuine Windows XP package. You will be asked to enter the license key as the installation process progresses. You will be forced to quit the installation process if the entered license key is not valid or genuine. Read on to understand the steps to get a key code for Windows XP.

Single License
  • You can either purchase Windows XP original from online stores or from offline genuine Microsoft stores.
  • Undo the packaging and remove the Windows XP disk from the folder or case that holds it. Be careful while unpacking the disk.
  • You will find the product key, or key code sticker on the folder or on the packing case.
  • When prompted, enter the product key in the installation window.
  • The XP key inscribed on the pack can be used only with the disk that came with it. 
  • Contact the Windows team by dialing the Windows support number on the cover or on the folder for assistance.
Purchase A New Computer
  • Experience Windows XP on a brand new PC. Purchase a brand new desktop pre-loaded with Windows XP or Windows Vista (along with Windows XP demote).
  • Locate the installation disk within the pack.
  • You can locate the key code either on the disk packaging or on the system packing. You can also find the installation key on the sticker beneath the desktop or on your laptop packaging. 
Invalid Key Code
  • You will come across the issue of invalid key code if the key you have entered is not genuine or licensed. In that case, contact Microsoft support team on the Windows support number to assist you with the installation process. You can also choose the activate by phone option to complete the Windows installation process 
  • Make the customer support executive understand your issue
  • The representative will ask you to provide the numbers displayed on the activation screen
  • Enter the new code as prompted by the representative on the phone, into the activation window
Follow the above mentioned guidelines from Microsoft support team to install your Windows XP operating system.
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