Tutorial For Upgrading Your Windows 7 PC Graphic Card

If you intent to run your computer with the Windows 7 operating system, you should make sure to have a decent graphic card. Check the WEI score to know if you want to upgrade your graphic card or not. Windows tech support instructions for upgrading the Graphics card are mentioned below.

Windows tech support instructions
1.       Start by switching off your computer. You need to open the CPU of your computer for upgrading the Graphic Card. So be sure to cut the electric supply to the CPU to avoid shock. Also, you need to watch out for static shock when you are working inside the CPU. Touch your screwdriver on the ground before using it on the machine.
2.       Continue by opening the CPU and locating the graphics card slots. If you don’t know how to go about it, refer your computer manual. Before you make the purchase of the graphics card, go through the manual to know the model. There are plenty of models of Graphic Cards out there, so you need to be careful with your choice. If you don’t choose the right one, it will not work on your computer.
3.       Insert the graphics card into the respective slot. Recheck to make sure that it is properly in place. Close the cover of your CPU and tighten the screws.
4.       Switch on your computer. Check if your Windows is able to detect the newly installed graphic card. If things are ok, install the appropriate drivers for the graphic card.
5.       Click on the Windows “Start” button, Select “Control Panel”, click on the icon titled “Hardware and Sound”, and select the option “Device Manager”.
6.       In the Device manager Window, click on the option plus symbol located next to “Display Adapters”. Right click on the graphics card that you have recently installed. Select the option that says “Properties” from the given menu.  Look at the device status to know whether it is working or not.

If you like to know the difference the newly installed card brings to your WEI score, the score needs to be updated. Open the control panel and select the option that says “System and Security”, and then click on the link labeled “Check your computer’s Windows Experience Index Base Score”. Click on the option “Update this score” located on the right side. Wait for a while and you will be getting the new and improved score.
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