Here's Why You Are Not Able To Upgrade Your Windows System

Windows 8 is similar to mobile platforms; your system updates that need to be downloaded are now available in the Windows Store. These updates will be notified when available and need to be selected and installed manually. In addition, Windows 8 upgrade is completely free of cost.

However, at times, there are situations when you may not get these update notifications even after they are available for all others. In situations where you are looking forward to new features and changes brought by updates, it is a frustrating experience indeed.

There are two main reasons why you might not be able to receive these update notifications. One possible reason is that you are running an edition that does not support Store updates. No amount of troubleshooting would fix this issue because the following versions do not support Store updates.
  • Windows 8 Enterprise. 
  • Windows 8 Pro installed using KMS activation. 
  • Windows 8 editions installed using MSDN ISO images, and that are activated using multiple keys. 
Instructions to restore Update Notifications

To be able to update to Windows 8, you need a system that is up-to-date. A fully updated system with special mention to KB 2871839 update is necessary to be installed in your system before the Windows 8.1 update becomes available in store.

KB 2871839 update may not have been installed because you have turned off the auto-update feature in Windows 8. In certain cases, it may have been installed but not functional because you have not restarted the PC yet. The installation process is completed and will work only once you have restarted the system. To check for updates, follow these instructions.
  • Move your cursor using the mouse to the lower right corner of the screen and open the Charms bar. You can also bring this feature by clicking the Start button on your keyboard. 
  • In the Charms bar, select Settings by clicking on it. 
  • Locate Change PC Settings from the Settings menu and then click on it. 
  • From the new page that is displayed, click on Update and Recovery and then click on the Check Now button. This will instantly check online for any new updates that are available. 
  • In the same page, you will find the Update History button. Click on this and check if KB 2871839 is already installed on your system. 
Once the installation is complete, restart your system and then go back to the App store. You will find the update notification there. Your Windows 8 upgrade is now ready!
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