Moving Information Between Applications In Windows Vista

Windows Vista is an operating system developed and released by Microsoft. It contains a wide range of new features when compared with its predecessor. The operating system introduced with it the aero design and user interface. Here we discuss simple instructions for transferring data or information between two applications opened in a computer running on Windows Vista operating system.


  • Open any two applications and then click on the Restore Down button found at the upper-right corner of the application window for reducing the size of the applications. 
  • Now for resizing the program window, click on the edge of the application window and then drag it to change the size. 
  • Drag and resize the application in such a way that it shows you both the application windows on the screen. 
  • You can also make the computer to automatically arrange both the windows on the screen by selecting the option from the taskbar. For accomplishing this, Windows Vista help centre advises you to right click on the Taskbar and then click on the Cascade Windows option found in the context menu. Select any one of the options shown in the context menu that appear on the screen, Show Windows Stacked or Show Windows Side by Side. Selecting either of the options provides you a perfect view of both windows on the screen simultaneously. 
  • Now click on the application or program that has the information that you wish to move and then select the information. If you do have multiple files or items to select, press and hold the CTRL button found in the keyboard and then click information to be selected one by one. If you wish to send all the data in the window, press the CTRL and A keys on the keyboard for selecting all the items. 
  • After making the selection, Windows Vista help advises that you click and hold left mouse button on the selected information or file and then drag it to the other application window and release the mouse button for copying the information to the second window. 
If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to copy data between two open applications in a Windows Vista operated PC. You can also make the transfer of the data by following the conventional method of copy and paste; however, the above method is much more simpler.
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