How To Troubleshoot Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

If you are a gaming freak, you would enjoy having a wireless headset connected to your Xbox gaming console. This wireless headset allows you to verbally communicate with other players who are connected online through Xbox Live. The headset is integrated with an earpiece and a microphone, which will let you communicate with other users easily. The earpiece helps you to hear other players while the microphone lets you speak with others in real time. Since it is a wireless headset, it will also have an internal rechargeable battery.
However like with any other electronic devices, it is sensitive to environmental conditions, which can affect its normal functioning. The following are some basic Microsoft Help Line guidelines that will help you troubleshoot the headset problem easily.

  • As a first step towards troubleshooting, you can try pressing the power button on the wireless speaker a few times to check if the status light is turning on. Don’t just press, but hold it for a few seconds, to see if it is working. If the light isn’t turning on, it means there is something wrong with the speaker. You may proceed to the next step.
  • Another possible reason why your headset malfunctions could be the temperature variation. Extreme temperatures can affect the proper working of the Xbox 360 wireless headset. Unplug the headset from its charger, if it is connected. Placing the headset on the charger for a long duration can sometimes cause overheating. Disconnect it and let it cool. Also, avoid keeping it in a cooler-than-room temperature. Check to see if the device feels cold to the touch.
  • Reconnect the wireless headset to the charger, and allow it to fully charge. The ideal time would be around six hours. Or you may keep the headset overnight to fully charge it. While charging, the light on the microphone section will flash intermittently, to indicate that it is working properly.
  • Once it is fully charged, the lights on the microphone will start to flash together at the same time, indicating that the charging is complete. Once it is fully charged, disconnect the device from the charger cable. Now press the power button on the headset to turn it on.
If you have some other problems with your wireless headset, you can seek assistance through the Microsoft help line and get your problem fixed.
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