Guidelines For Fixing A Critically Slow Computer When All Other Options Fail

Your computer slows down because of various reasons. In case you have spent a lot of time and money but still could not fix the problem, it is recommended that you do a cleanup. Just like what happens in our home should it get stuffy, computers too get really cluttered if there is too much stuff in it. You will not have to resort to complicated measures. All it takes to fix this problem is a bit of common sense. Given below are instructions that will prove really helpful for you if you are attempting to fix a really slow computer.

How to fix a critically slow computer

  • Start off with these instructions by backing up all pictures, for which you do not possess hard copies. Before the machine crashes, get as much data as possible from it.
  • Following which, you have to turn off the computer. Then you have to boot it up in Safe Mode. That way, it will be possible for you to do some saving at the 11th hour. Make use of the ROM drive for copying and backing up everything that you really need to save.
  • It is then required that you restart your computer in regular mode. Beginning from the desktop, put all the programs and stuff that you saved from the Internet and emails that are three years old or more into the Recycle Bin. Print hard copies of information that you need to save. Then promptly delete everything from the Recycle Bin.
  • Get rid of as much data as you can. Make your way to My Computer and click on Add/ Remove Programs. Find out how many megabytes of free memory is present in each folder. Get rid of games that you never bother to play as well as Internet downloads. Get rid of all the stuff having the highest number of megabytes.
  • Keep deleting as much data as you can. Keep dong that until just one game is left in the computer. Keep only the software on your computer that you use on a daily basis. Remove duplicates and stuff which you have on the hard disk. Get rid of maximum pictures and videos. 
  • After rebooting the system, add an anti-virus protection.
  • Finally, defragment the computer before going to bed. Shut down the computer and leave it that way until it cools. Then reboot it like you normally do.

That will be all you need to do to fix a slow computer. For any further help, get in touch with our tech support center.
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