Newly Added Features Of Weather Hound And HD Tile For Windows Phone Users

If you are using a Windows Phone 8 Smartphone, you might have come across the application, Weather Hound. It is one of the most downloaded weather apps in the Windows Store. It has a simple interface and the settings are easy to configure. The app gives you hourly forecast as well as the forecast for the next seven days. The weather information will be updated based on your phone’s location. You may set this feature off and add the location manually. Some of the features, which have made Weather Hound a big success is its support for locking screen, support for both light and dark themes etc. The app also supports Bing wallpaper.

According to Windows Live support, this weather app has been updated with more features. The latest version of this app is 1.25. The latest update is intended for Windows Phone 8.1 handsets and it includes transparent Live support. There is also an increase in resolution of the icons with the new update. The new update addresses the various bug issues that had popped up in the earlier versions of the app. Weather Hound was updated last year even though there were no major visible changes. However, with the new transparent support, the app has become fun to work with.

Another app intended for Windows 8.1 users is the HD Tiles. With the app, you can add transparent tile functions for about two hundred apps. The tile functions can be included in websites, settings etc. You may use the blank tiles to arrange the Windows Phone Live Tiles. Now, if you are using a Windows Phone 8, you can still download and install this app. However, some of the features may not work in Windows Phone 8. For instance, the tiles will not be transparent after the installation in Windows Phone 8 devices. In addition, Windows Phone 8 users will not be able to access many system settings. The latest version of HD Tiles comes with flashlight and stop music functions. It also adds calculator, Goal and Duckduckgo to its list. The high-resolution transparent tiles will make your interface more attractive and beautiful.

You may download these latest updates from Windows Phone Store. Simply log on to the store and go to the apps section. Search with the relevant keywords in the search field and click the button Install if you have not already installed these apps on your Windows Smartphone. For further help on these apps, you may contact the Windows Live support center. 
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