Easy Solutions To Xbox 360 Problems

Xbox 360 may be an outdated gaming console now with the release of its successor Xbox One. However, it is still used by millions of gamers across the world. Released in November 2005, Xbox 360 will complete its 10 years of existence by November 2015, almost little more than a year. Microsoft has not given clues about whether it will stop supporting the old gaming console after it completes 10 years next year. Nevertheless, as of now, Xbox 360 users can contact Windows Live Chat Support and seek assistance.

Xbox 360 problems

Red Ring of Death (RRoD) is a common problem that many Xbox 360 users are fed up with. If you have bought your gaming console lately and are coming across this error for the first time, you would not have any idea as to how to fix it. Well, if you are in such a mess, here are some steps you can work out.

  • Turn off your Xbox 360 gaming console if it is currently running and disconnect it from the power supply. Let it remain so for about an hour. Most often, Red Ring of Death error arises due to overheating.
  • After that, switch on your console and check if the issue is persisting. If the issue persists, move to the next step.
  • Relocate your Xbox 360 console to a different place where there are enough vents. This will make sure that the console gets enough air when you play games on it. This is one of the best ways to avoid the console from getting overheated.
  • Make sure that your console is placed stably. If you have placed it at an angle, the discs will get scratched and as a result, the console will get overheated, leading to Red Ring of Death error.
  • In case none of the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps came to your rescue, contact Windows Live Chat Support for Xbox 360. Be ready with your product key and other warranty details because you may be requested to verify your device before given any troubleshooting instructions.
  • Let the chat support agent know the problem in details so that he can identify the problem easily and help you instantly. Hence, it is advised that you note down the error message or other symptoms of the problem you were receiving. 
Hope the article has helped you troubleshoot the Xbox 360 problems you were facing. Contact our tech support centre for any further assistance. 
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