Microsoft-PC Makers Rift Over Windows 8 Strategy

The poor performance of Windows 8 operating system and the slow sales that Microsoft suffered ever since its release inspired them to bring along an all new reboot Windows 8 to restore interest in the failed operating system.  

To compound to the failure, most of the PC makers failed to prepare themselves for the Launch of Windows 8 operating system back in October. Microsoft reportedly shifted the blame to the OEMs for the poor reception of the Windows operating system, believing that the new Windows operating system would be a lot more popular if there were lot more attractive Windows 8-based touchscreen devices to complement it.
Microsoft headquarters Redmond reportedly provided specific guidelines to its Hardware partners for the devices that should be running the new Windows 8 operating system. From high-end to low-end form factors for Ultrabooks, hybrid laptops and traditional laptops, Microsoft had provided advice to PC makers well in advance of the Windows 8 release.

An unnamed source said to the famous new website The Register commenting, “Microsoft is very frustrated with major OEMs who didn't build nearly enough touch systems and are now struggling to find parts and ramp up. Microsoft says they provided very specific guidance on what to build.”

PC makers defended themselves by saying that if they had followed Microsoft’s requirements and released high-end expensive systems, nobody would have purchased them and it would have suffered an even worse fate. Looking at the specification list that Microsoft had demanded, Windows 8 operating system powered computers would have been luxuries that only the rich can afford!

Three months have passed by and the argument between Microsoft and PC makers about what the consumers do or do not want continues still. The fate of the Windows 8 operating system continues to waddle as the sales have been falling relentlessly. It seems the answer to that is a complete reboot Windows 8 which will boast a different interface from its predecessors.

Frankly, the Windows 8 users can expect a lot more radicals to the operating system, especially before the Windows 8 powered Surface Pro 3 tablet that is released under the banner of Microsoft comes out. Although it remains to be seen what the Surface Pro 3 tablet will bring in store, it still ought to be debated whether hybrid systems and touch capable desktop will tickle anybody’s fancy!
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