Windows 8.1 Maybe Not Enough To Make PCs Seem A Good Idea

Windows 8.1 is a cool Operating System with many advanced features. It has revolutionized modern computing all together. The changes brought in are new and advanced, mostly aimed at catering to mobile devices and services, so that you’ve access from anywhere. In another few years, you will probably judge devices by how well they work together.

Windows 8 was the initial step, which enabled a new app platform and a touch-based UI that transformed the capabilities of the traditional PC to new form factors. With Windows 8.1, Microsoft will be able to expand the functionalities of Windows to a new level, allowing it to work with a new class of smaller, inexpensive devices that are powerful, yet portable. Windows 8.1 also improves the usability of the Windows 8 interface. Even all these impressive changes might not satisfy diehard haters, but anyone who has actually used Windows 8 will want Windows 8.1 instead.

The Windows 8.1 release is actually a part of the new, quicker update cadence Microsoft promised when it shipped Windows 8. The platform is intended to be around for at least a decade. In case it continues to improve at this pace, it will be a success.

Changes are too little, too late

The software giant was slightly over-ambitious with Windows 8. It put a lot of effort into creating a platform that would work on both traditional desktop and notebook PCs, while at the same time was replete with features that tailored it to touch-driven devices such as tablets and hybrids.

For that purpose, the software maker removed from the operating system of some of the key elements that the average user had come to think of as cornerstones of Windows – specifically the beloved Start button, and the Start menu. It also shifted the Windows desktop into the background, and replaced the Start menu with a confusing difficult to absorb Start screen.

These changes when incorporated with the insufficient user education about the changes from Microsoft, was a sure recipe for failure, leaving users baffled as to what to do in this new thing called Windows 8. Users need to work hard to find the features.

Windows 8.1 might at least make people love Windows 8 a little more, but it is quite unlikely that it will attract more users to start using PC again. That would be asking too much from and expecting impossible results.

Windows 8.1 can very well restart Windows 8 removing some of the problems. But to restart Windows 8 may not guarantee many new users.
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