Tips For Removing Extra Contacts Folder From Outlook Address Book

In Microsoft Outlook, your favorite contacts are stored in the address book. Favorite contacts may include friends, family members, work associates etc. Thus in Microsoft Outlook, the address books tag a very high importance. If contacts are not stored in the address book, you will have to remember the email addresses of the different contacts while sending mails and this can turn out to be an impossible task.

In the address book, sometimes multiple contact folders will be present. First, the removal of address book has to be performed so as to get rid of the extra contact folders. Users have to follow the below mentioned guidelines to successfully remove the address book.

Address book removal

  • Access Microsoft Outlook available on your computer. 
  • You will be able to view the menu bar when the Outlook window is available on the screen. The menu bar contains the Tools menu. Click on it and choose Email Accounts. 
  • Choose View Or Change Existing Directories Or Address Books and choose the Next button. 
  • Choose Outlook address book and select Remove. Choose the Yes button. 
  • Choose the Finish button. 
  • Exit from Outlook. Again, access Microsoft Outlook. 
  • The old address book will be removed and you can start adding the essential contacts. 
Adding the contacts
  • Access the Tools menu and select Email Accounts.
  • Choose Add A New Directory Or Address Book and select the Next button.
  • Click on Additional Address Books and choose Next.
  • Choose Outlook Address Book and select Next.
  • Choose the Finish or OK button.
  • Exit from Outlook and access it again.
  • Right Click on the contacts icon available on the Outlook folder list. Choose Properties.
  • Choose the tab by the name Outlook address book.
  • Check mark the check box corresponding to Show This Folder As An E-Mail Address Book. Select the OK button.
  • Access the Tools menu and click on Address Book.
  • From the drop down list by the name Show Name From The, you will be able to view a single contacts folder.
  • Access Tools menu and select Options. Choose the OK button.
  • Exit the address book.
  • While trying to locate the address, you will be able to view the contacts folder.
By adhering to the above mentioned guidelines, the extra contacts folder can be removed with ease. For any further assistance, contact our tech support center.
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