Features Of Windows Vista Support Center

Every computer works fine over a certain period. However, in due course of time, the operating system might encounter many troubles, and if you are new to computers, it might become difficult for you to fix these troubles. However, each operating system from Windows has a help center. These help centers act as rich sources of information to troubleshoot the basic issues associated with the operating system. In this post, we will find out the features of Windows Vista help center.

Soon after the release of Windows Vista operating system, many customers who upgraded their operating systems to it encountered many troubles. In this situation, the help center of the operating system played a major role in fixing these troubles and helped the computer work fine. There are three sections in the help center, which are Find an Answer, Information from Microsoft and Ask Someone. Let us now go through some of the important features of the help center.

Windows basics section

This section, as the name suggests, is ideal for the beginners, as it helps users to understand the basic functions of the operating system and its basic components like Start menu, desktop, mouse, keyboard, folders, files, taskbar etc.

Windows online help section

This section takes you to the online help page of the operating system. However, keep in mind that you will find more technical terms in this section. This section is updated regularly by the default help center in the program and is ideal for those who have basic knowledge of computers.

Troubleshooting section
The troubleshooting section is where you should head to when there is an issue associated with your Windows Vista operating system. This section helps you to diagnose the issues with the operating system and suggests you different troubleshooting steps.

Security and maintenance section

This section gives you valuable suggestions on how to keep your computer safe and secure from various threats. This section also notifies you if any of the settings in your computer faces threat from external sources. For example, if the firewall program is turned off, you can find the notification to turn it on in this section.

What’s new section

This Windows Vista help section is for the newly upgraded users who are not aware about the various features of Windows help.

You may go through the above sections as and when you encounter an issue with the operating system or if you have doubts regarding a particular feature present in the operating system.
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