Microsoft To Bring Back Start Menu In Windows 8.2

With the release of their latest operating system in the market- Windows 8.2, which is popularly known by its codename Threshold in the Microsoft tech circles, the company plans to correct the grave error of removing the Start menu button from the Start screen. Even though the Window 8 operating system was released with wide publicity and a new retro user interface with tiles in place of icons, many computer users found it rather irritating to work with the operating system owing to the absence of the Start menu button in the Start screen.

The Windows 8 users even found it difficult to shut down or restart Windows 8 operated computers, as they were unable to find their erstwhile companion for doing it, the Start menu button. Even though Windows 8.1 operating system was released with the Start menu button, Windows 8.2 is the first operating system that will be providing the complete feature of the Start menu in it after Windows 7 operating system, since Windows 8.1 did not provide much features of the Start menu in it.

Inclusion of Start menu in the Windows 8.2 will make sure that the users will be able to access the programs and folders easily and arrange them in order. If you update your system to the new operating system, you will be able to easily shut down and restart Windows 8 operated computers easily. However, the backdrop with the return of the Start menu button is that the users will now no longer need to access the much-hyped Metro interface, as they will be able to launch all the programs from the Start menu.

According to the news we hear from Microsoft, the Start menu button will return to only desktops and laptops and will not be returned in the tablets; so if you are a Surface tab user, there is no reason to be happy. The best feature of the Windows 8.2 operating system is known to be the ability to play Metro apps from the desktop mode, which is done by treating the Metro apps like traditional apps.
It is also heard that Microsoft is working on creating a new unified store that is also to be unveiled with the release of the new operating system from Microsoft so that all the devices running on the operating system will have all the apps irrespective of whether it is a smartphone, tablet or desktop.
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