How To Change Ask.Com From Being The Default Provider Of Firefox Search Results?

A web browser or a search engine is always used by us to explore web pages. There are millions of people using the Internet and the web browsers used by them vary. Some may prefer to use Mozilla Firefox, some may choose Chrome and some others would stick on with the age old Internet Explorer. Even though browsers differ, there are few problems that all these browsers face in common and one such problem is with toolbars.

You might have already heard about toolbars sticking on with certain web browsers and creating difficulty for users while working on the system. Some may have downloaded it and sometimes they might get installed automatically without your permission. When these toolbars intrude into your web browser, web browsing can definitely turn to be a peril and you would feel it quite annoying to have such a toolbar on your browser.

One such annoyance is and it is a search engine that is used by many people. Though it is used as a search engine, it can sometimes affect your web browser and put you in trouble. There are many people who think about “How to remove Ask toolbar?” and try different steps. If you have removed the Ask toolbar from your Firefox browsers, sometimes you may be directed to the website of without your permission and you may find it quite embarrassing in between your busy hours.

Since you may already know how to remove Ask toolbar, let us find out how to change from being the default web provider in Firefox. On top of the window of Firefox, you will find a search box on the top right. You will find a triangular arrow pointing downwards and you can click on it. You can choose the search engine that you wish to have on your Firefox web browser instead.

Most probably the above step will work. If you find that it is not giving any result, you can select Manage Search Engines and get rid of all search engines other than the one you want to have on your web browser. You can even try to reset Firefox if you wish and the steps for this are as follows:
  • Press the Shift key and select Firefox icon on the desktop or from the Start menu.
  • This will open Firefox Safe Mode box, click Reset and this will help you to reset Firefox and this will solve your problem.
For any further assistance, contact our tech support center and get apt help.
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