Redmond Issues Security Advisory To Warn About Security Loopholes With Microsoft Products

It is common that Microsoft releases patch fixes when any of its software applications is diagnosed with security loopholes. Recently, there have been multiple complaints about Microsoft products such as operating systems and stand-alone applications. It seems that Microsoft needs more time to figure out the causes of these issues before it could release any permanent fixes to address them. Meanwhile, the software giant has issued a security advisory which would let owners of affected Microsoft products stay informed about potential risks. According to the Microsoft team, the security advisory has listed down products that could be subject to risk. The details about the security advisory can be had from Microsoft support site-said a spokesperson.

Microsoft products which are likely to be affected

The technical department of Microsoft announced later that the Microsoft products such as operating systems and stand-alone products were subject to the security loopholes. Operating systems such as Windows Vista and Windows server 2008 were listed as the most vulnerable ones. Likewise, Microsoft office products ranging between Office 2003 and Office 2010 are also seen as products vulnerable to the security loopholes.

Office 2007 on Windows XP also finds a place on list

The initial reports had not included Windows XP in the list of vulnerable Microsoft products. But, it seems that the old OS is also among the vulnerable Microsoft products. The report indicates that Microsoft Office 2007 installed on the Windows XP operating system could be one of the worst victims of the recent security loophole. Both Office 2003 and Office 2007 are susceptible to these attacks, no matter which operating system they are being installed on. The report adds that Office 2010 could also be affected if any user attempts to install it on a vulnerable operating system like Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP.

Microsoft adds Lync versions in the security advisory

The latest Microsoft service to be added in the Microsoft advisory is Lync. According to Microsoft sources, most versions of Lync are susceptible to the security loophole. Even if users try to install their Lync application on a newer operating system, say Windows 7, it could be affected.

In the wake of the undesirable security issues with its popular products, Microsoft has issued a quick Fix it solution. The software giant has reminded users that the quick Fix it Solution is not a permanent solution to the problems. Users are required to execute the final Fix it solution once it is out. Microsoft is working on the same now.
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