Tips For Customization Of Outlook Archive Settings

Sometimes, out of the blue, you may require a mail which was present in Outlook that was archived a long time back. For people who are not familiar working with Outlook, retrieving an archived file can turn out to be a complicated process and may consume some time. If you have created essential backups of your Outlook data, it is very much easy to avail the required data. Your Outlook data may consist of your favorite and personal emails, tasks, contacts etc.

A backup copies all your Outlook data and allows you to restore all your messages, contacts, tasks, and calendar entries. The Personal Folders Backup from Outlook works really well and it can be used for making backups with minimum effort. With the Outlook versions such as Outlook 2003, 2002 and 2007, the Personal Folders Backup can be used.

Creation of Outlook archive

You have to follow the below mentioned Outlook setting guidelines for creation of the Outlook archive.
  • Access Microsoft Outlook 2007.
  • Select File menu when Outlook window appears. Choose Archive from the menu. Perform the process of choosing the appropriate folder for archiving. Select the appropriate date from the drop down menu beside the option Archive Items Older Than.
  • Choose Browse and choose the required location according to your wish if you require the archive to be housed in a different location rather than the usual default Outlook folder. Upon selecting the archive options, choose the OK button.
Opening an archive
  • Open Microsoft Outlook 2007. 
  • Choose the File menu from the Outlook menu bar and select the Open option. Choose Outlook data file and choose the archived file. Select the OK button. 
  • You will be able to see the file in the left pane of Outlook. Select the folder from which retrieval of the required folder has to be performed. Execute the process of dragging the file from the area of right pane to the left pane that houses the required folder of your choice. 
Enabling/disabling Auto Archive
  • Access Outlook 2007. 
  • Select the Tools menu from the Outlook menu bar and select Options. Choose Other and select the button by the name AutoArchive. Perform the process of un-checking or checking Run Autoarchive Every. You can choose different options like when the archive should take place, name of the archive and where the archived file is housed and the archived entry's age. Verify that Show Archive Folder In Folder List is check marked before choosing the OK button. 
By following the above-mentioned Outlook setting guidelines, you can easily perform the task of creating archives.
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