Synchronizing Outlook 2003 With Yahoo: A Tutorial

Microsoft Outlook 2003 is a powerful desktop e-mail management service capable of sending and receiving e-mails through internet e-mail services like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. To be able to synchronize Outlook 2003 with Yahoo! email, you must own Yahoo! premium account. Once owned, this feature can be used by setting up access to the Internet mail service’s (in your case, Microsoft Outlook 2003) incoming POP3 and outgoing SMTP servers.

Regular mail account services of Yahoo! do not provide free access to its (US) POP3 service, so there is no alternative to purchasing the premium service if you wish to synchronize with any e-mail management service. Hence, purchase the Yahoo! Ad Free service upgrade if you intend to synchronize Outlook 2003.

Outlook email setup changes can be implemented by following these instructions:
  • Purchase the Yahoo! Ad Free service. It only costs $49.99 for a year’s subscription and provides a lot of really good features. As the name suggests, no ads will be displayed ever, after you are subscribed.
  • Run Outlook 2003 by clicking on the Desktop Icon or from the Start menu.
  • Once Outlook has loaded, open the Tools menu and click on E-mail Accounts. A dialog box will appear.
  • Click on the radio button next to Add a new E-mail Account. Click on the Next button. The dialog box will refresh and fill with new options.
  • Fill the fields under User Information and Login Information with your name, email address and username and password respectively. If you are not sure, username is same as the email address in most cases.
  • Fill the POP3 field with and type in the SMTP field. POP3 and SMTP protocols are protocols required for working of e-mail clients.
  • Now that you have filled the required information, it is time to test and verify if it is valid. Click on Test Account Settings to do so. Outlook will send a test email and try to connect to the Yahoo! Mail Plus servers that you specified. You will see the results on the screen.
  • To save the new Yahoo! Ad Free account settings, click on OK.
  • To synchronize both incoming and outgoing email from the yahoo server, press the F9 key.
Outlook email setup is now finished; you can now use all the features of Outlook to send and receive e-mail through your Yahoo account.
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