Fix The Outlook Problems With Stuck Emails

If you are using Outlook to send and receive emails, then you might have sometimes found errors with this email client. One of the Outlook problems encountered by many users is the stuck emails in the outbox or inbox. However, with a few simple steps, you can easily fix this issue. Let us find out the steps involved in this process.

Steps Involved

For emails stuck in Outbox

The most common reason why an email is stuck in the Outbox is that the size of the email could be very large. In such conditions, when you try to send an email, it goes to the Outbox folder and does not leave this folder. Follow the steps below to fix this issue.
  • Launch Microsoft Outlook and select the option Tools from the menu bar of the program. 
  • Under the sub menu that appears, select Options.
  • Choose the option Setup and then click on the button Send/Receive.
  • In the new window that comes up, remove the check marks from all the options. 
  • Close the program and launch Outlook again. 
  • Go to the Outbox folder and delete the email stuck in it.
  • Open the Send/Receive option in the program again and mark the options Include this group in send/receive (F9) and schedule an automatic send/receive every _ minutes. 
For emails stuck in Inbox

Sometimes any of the emails you received in the program might be giving troubles with the Outlook program. Mostly, these emails would have a large attachment, which is causing the program to function badly. In such cases, it is advisable to login to the internet email account. Let us go through the steps for this.
  • If Outlook is currently running, close it.
  • Launch an internet browser and navigate to the webpage of your internet service provider.
  • Login to the account with the username and password. 
  • Locate the email, which is causing trouble. Download the attachment in the email with the help of the browser. 
  • Logout from the email account and close the browser.
  • Launch Outlook again. 
  • Your inbox should be working fine now. 
With the above steps, you can successfully fix the Outlook problems associated with the stuck emails in the inbox and outbox of the program. Keep in mind that you can solve most of the Outlook issues by going through the help section of the program.
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